Kawasan Falls, Badian, Cebu

Kawasan Falls— Municipality of Badian, Cebu, Philippines


Kawasan Falls is an unspoiled beauty of nature found in the Municipality of Badian of the Cebu Province. This serene natural wonder is where you can enjoy many waterfalls that offers natural spring water just near the southern tip of Cebu in the Philippines.

There are several ways to visit Kawasan falls— Dumaguete (via Lilo-an, Bato or Santander), Cebu City, Bacolod City (via San Carlos-Toledo).

***Airfares to Cebu, Bacolod and Dumaguete are  subject to Airline Regulations.

Dumaguete (via Lilo-an or Santander)

  • Dumaguete City to Sibulan Port: PhP 20.00
  • Sibulan Port to Lilo-an or Santander: PhP 70.00
  • If you choose Santander (Pumpboat), you will need to ride a pedicab ride to the Bus Terminal in Bato: PhP 50.00
  • If you choose Lilo-an (Fastcraft), you can wait for a Ceres bus that goes to Bato Terminal, either free or PhP 20.00 (depends on how good you are with bargaining).
  • Bato Bus Terminal to Kawasan: PhP 50.00
  • Kawasan Entrance: PhP 10.00

Dumaguete (via Bato)

  • Dumaguete City to Tampi Wharf: PhP 20.00
  • Tampi Wharf to Bato Fastcraft Port: PhP 70.00
  • Bato Fastcraft port to Bato Terminal: PhP 10.00
  • Bato Bus Terminal to Kawasan: PhP 50.00

Cebu City

  • There is a trip via South Bus Terminal that can take you directly to Kawasan (Badian) via Alegre or Moalboal.
  • Price should be from PhP 60-75.00/one way

Bacolod City

  • From the Ceres Bus Terminal, select the bus that goes to San Carlos City.
  • Take the barge/fastcraft terminal to Toledo City, Cebu.
  • Choose the bus that goes to Bato and ask the driver to drop you off at Kawasan Falls.
  • I have no information about the fare from Bacolod to San Carlos including the Ferry that will that you to Toledo City. But from Toledo City to Badian, it should be from PhP 70-80.00/one way.


  • Table: PhP 300.00/whole day
  • Overnight Stay: PhP 1,500/night (good for everyone)

4 thoughts on “Kawasan Falls, Badian, Cebu

  1. dyan says:

    Hi, I would like to ask regarding the route from Bato to Kawasan. Where the bus stop or should I tell the driver I want to stop at Kawasan Fall or nearby station?


    • Andy Summers says:

      Sorry for being unresponsive. This website is currently being re-hauled as it was hacked several months back. If you are already in Bato (most likely you will be at the bus station in Bato), you can ask the local tricycle or habal-habal (single motor) driver to take you to Bato Terminal. Once there, just tell the driver or his assistant to drop you off at Kawasan Falls. It will only take less than 45 minutes to reach your destination.


    • Andy Summers says:

      You can ride any bus, I would suggest Ceres, and ask the man in charge to drop you off Bato. Then from there, you can ride the ferry that takes to you Tampi in Amlan. From there, you can ride another bus from Amlan to Dumaguete.


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